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    Led by Dr. Jamie Chiu, at The Brightly Project we envision a world where no teen ever has to feel so hopeless and desperate that they try to end their own lives.


    We create programs and apps for struggling teens to connect with support and to help schools to reach out to vulnerable students.


    Our flagship program is the Know My Students online mental health screening solution. We've adapted clinical-grade psychological tools as a friendly interactive story and our tool can be deployed to hundreds of students simultaneously, and schools get a detailed profile for the at-risk students so they can provide the most appropriate care.


    Why do students like sharing their feelings through the Know My Students tool?

    They tell us it is because unlike any other survey or questionnaire about mental health, the way we approach the topic and ask the questions shows care, understanding, and that we've been through these challenges as well.


    Read more about Know My Students below, or visit the Know My Students website here: www.knowmystudents.com to sign up and we'll be happy to share how we can help your school and your students!

    Winner of Gold Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018

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  • Know My Students

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    Digital Suicide Prevention Program for Secondary Schools

    Suicide is the leading cause of death for youth in Hong Kong.


    Every 9.3 days, we lose a youth to this tragedy, where they feel there is no alternative, or help available. And too often, no one knew they were suffering.


    The reality is that emotional issues are not easily recognisable, and it is difficult for students to ask for help.


    But what if we could detect suicide risk earlier?


    What if there was a way for schools to connect with students who are struggling and in need of support? What if all this could be done in a friendly and comfortable way for students, and scalable to schools all over the world?


    This is the “Know My Students” digital suicide prevention program.


    “Know My Students” has already helped many schools intervene and prevent suicide attempts, and uncover the students who were struggling, who wanted and were waiting for support, yet no one knew about.


    Visit the Know My Students homepage here: www.knowmystudents.com

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