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    Know My Students Digital Suicide Prevention Program for Secondary Schools

    Suicide is the leading cause of death for youth in Hong Kong.


    Every 9.3 days, we lose a youth to this tragedy, where they feel there is no alternative, or help available. And too often, no one knew they were suffering.


    The reality is that emotional issues are not easily recognisable, and it is difficult for students to ask for help.


    But what if we could detect suicide risk earlier?


    What if there was a way for schools to connect with students who are struggling and in need of support? What if all this could be done in a friendly and comfortable way for students, and scalable to all schools all over the world?


    This is the “Know My Students” digital suicide prevention program.


    Led by Dr. Jamie Chiu, we've reimagined clinical-grade psychological tools as a friendly interactive story and applied machine learning analysis to enhance mental health risk prediction. Our tool can be deployed to hundreds of students simultaneously, and schools are instantly alerted when a student exhibits suicide risk.


    “Know My Students” has already helped many schools intervene and prevent suicide attempts, and uncover the students who were struggling, who wanted and were waiting for support, yet no one knew about.


    with Dr. Jamie Chiu

    So you know how sometimes you keep thinking about something over and over again and you can’t get that voice to shut up?


    (Surprise, you can’t always just shut annoying voices in your head up. Sort of like that baby that fake-cries for an hour in that seat behind you.)

    And it’s like you try to tell people, but you can’t really? Or maybe you do, but it still feels like nothing has changed?

    Well #truefeels is where you can let it all out, and get someone who’s going to work it out with you. Like, legit work it out with you.

    The Brightly Network

    Understand your emotions.
    Know why you feel the way you do.
    Overcome your anxiety and depression.
    Find meaning and motivation.


    This is what a psychologist or counsellor can help with.


    This all sounds great - but the reality is that the whole process of trying to find help can actually feel overwhelming. The search can leave people feeling lost.


    My name is Dr. Jamie Chiu, I'm the founder of The Brightly Network, and we designed it to help you navigate the best way forward based on what is important to you.


    Based on my experience of helping helping many families and individuals figure out exactly what they need, what to do, and who's best for them we have created The Brightly Network. Helping you find the the perfect psychologist or counsellor for your unique situation.

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